Design, drawings, and legal support documents for:
new or remodeling buildings (stores, mechanical shop, warehouse, restaurants, offices)
Floor plans.
Section and elevations.
Trusses plans.
Utilities plans (water, sewer, storm drainage, electrical).
Utilities services connection to mains.
Construction site layout.
Third party expert opinion.

GIS and Municipal asset management system:
Setup and maintenance.
New and improvement for subdivision, infrastructure, and buildings:
Review for approval planning and development applications such as proposed subdivision’s design drawings, development permit’s drawings, and support documents in compliance with the local bylaw and standards.
Study and Research Reports (Example: Environmental, Geotechnical, Transportation, TIA (Traffic Impact Assessment), Storm drainage, Sanitary, Water and Parks).
Review construction estimates of new subdivisions or infrastructure for adequate security or bond provided.
Design detailed drawings Construction and record (as-built) drawings.
Project Controls Management services for capital or new development projects.
Schedule and cost control.
Construction inspections to ensure compliance with construction plans, city bylaw, standards, and related specifications.
The inspection for the compliance with Servicing Agreements and Final acceptance of new services inspections. CCC (Construction Completion Certificate) and and FAC (Final Acceptance Certificate) inspection sign-offs.
Civil Engineering design and engineering analysis:
Land development, site grading, drainage, slope stability, concrete hardstand, flexible pavement, traffic control, storm water pollutions prevention plan, erosion protection (permanent and temporary), permeability analysis.
Structural design and engineering analysis:
Bridges, retaining walls, soil nailing, soil treatment, foundation (concrete and piles), structural steel support systems, structural concrete, pavement, sever, water mains, dams, maximum load capacity, temporary shoring system, rigging equipment effective workload, scaffolding, and formwork for custom concrete on site. 

Design, drawings,

and legal support documents for:
Construction site general layout.
Construction phasing plan.
Grading plan.
Slope stability.
Storm Water Prevention Pollutions plan.
Erosion control plan.
Utilities plan (water, sewer, storm drainage, electric, telephone).
Traffic Control plan.
Roads and parking lots plans, profiles, and sections.
Details for construction.
Construction Management:
Bid preparation.
Scope of work.
Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
Project estimate.
Scheduling and planning.
Project Controls setup and execution.
Contract Administration.
Change management setup and execution.



Design, drawings, and legal support documents for:
Lot subdivision
Lots union.




Design, drawings,

and application support documents for:
Driveway construction.
Grading plan.
Utilities services (new and relocation).
House remodeling (inside and outside).
New building.
House subdivision (from single to duplex).
Third party expert opinion.